Stop Looking for the Easy Way Out

I get messages every day about the “quick fix”

The “simple solution “

The “fastest way possible”


My response is always the same. 

“You’ve already quit. 

The easy way doesn’t exist.”


A lot of you overcomplicate things. 


Most times, life is pretty simple.

And NO .. not black and white. (I get told this often) 

But not everything needs a gray either.


Sometimes, what things are, is what they are.

“It is what it is.”

You don’t always have to overanalyze. 


You know why you may do this?

You're looking for the corner to cut.

You’re looking for the work to cheat. 


You're not doing it to make sure it's done right...

You're doing it because you're looking for the way it can be done easier.


If you don't eliminate this idea from your brain...

You're going to spend your entire life looking for something that doesn't exist.

You will be horribly mistaken, and become deeply depressed. 

There's only one way to get shit done, no matter what it is. 


If you're doing the work EVERY DAY 

and you get better EVERY DAY


That’s what matters.

That’s how you win. 


There is no easy way.

In anything. 


You just have to start moving.

You can screw up. 

But if you show up every day, and execute on all critical tasks that you must do in order to move forward.. 


It doesn't matter what people say.

It doesn't matter if your friends talk shit.

It doesn't matter if the internet talks shit.

You're removing all the variables from the equation by just making sure you execute consistently. 




STOP LOOKING FOR THE EASY WAY. Because  not only are you not getting things done, but you're also creating a habit within yourself of QUITTING when things get hard. 

That's what most people do.

That's why most people are most people.


Most people are unfulfilled, not where they want to be with their health, personal mindset, financially, and unhappy with themselves as a whole because the minute they get frustrated, they QUIT. 


You need to do one thing. 




Commit to everything you need to today, so you can do what you WANT to tomorrow. 


There's only one way to get there.

It’s work…

It's gonna hurt..

It's gonna cause you a lot of emotional pain..

But it's gonna be worth it.


Hope this finds you well. 


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