Reasons You Should Be Doing Hypertrophy Training

Hypertrophy Training

This will be a very simple article listing reasons to use hypertrophy training in your workouts. 

Male or female, with any form of goals related to fitness. 

  • Calorie Expenditure: Increase in metabolic rate. This means that the rate of fat loss, and regulation of blood sugar when you add a significant amount of lean mass, is all better controlled. SPEEDING UP METABOLISM FOR FAT LOSS!
  • Time under tension: One of the BIGGEST MISTAKES AND MISUSED pieces of training. Time under tension changes the relative strength curve, helps with injury prevention while teaching the body eccentric deceleration, and isometric movement patters. This is much deeper, and a conversation I will go much further into later on. 
  • Increase In Aerobic Capacity: Adding lean tissue through strength and hypertrophy positively influences muscle endurance performance through workouts. 
  • Lean Mass Building: Adding lean mass allows you to store more ATP (fuel) and Creatine phosphate to use as a bigger engine when doing strength and power work. This will also help recovery, and building LEAN muscle mass. 
  • Muscle hypertrophy IS STRENGTH! This translates to all over movements, and movement patterns. Movement patterns control joints and stability through over movements. 

Many do not incorporate hypertrophy into their training in fear of “getting / looking too big” and this is incorrect. Systematic approach to this program will ensure that these points are made, as well as making your body work efficiently. 

I will continue with these articles, and explain further these specific details