Maximize Recovery

Now more than ever before, most people are limited in free time and chronically stressed out.

Not to mention, most have horrible sleeping or eating habits, which can completely negate the effect of workout programs, even it its a perfect program.

One of the most significant aspects of training is being able to monitor how your body responds to stress and optimize your recovery. Your understanding of body recovery IS one of the most misunderstood and undervalued aspects of strength and conditioning. Which inevitably, is all of our programs in one way or another

Most people do not listen to their bodies, and if they do, they don't know how to take care of the issue.

"My back hurts today, I must've slept wrong."

Sure, could be a reason, but what should you do to fix that issue?

Most people have no idea.

Let’s discuss this further so you can avoid these common pitfalls.

#1 Listen to your body.

Cant stress this enough.

Our bodies are unbelievably smart. Smarter than our brain, so what our body says it needs, is what it needs.

The body gives us direct and most of the time very simple instruction on how to take care of it.

Think about it- if your back is hurting, that's your body saying "hey, something you did wasn't right, please fix this."

If you eat crappy food, most likely you will feel crappy, and that's your body telling you that your food decision was incorrect.

Same thing is we are to drink heavy one night and wake up tomorrow with a hangover.

The substance that was put into our body had an adverse effect.

No different with the recovery process in fitness programs.

There are days when you’re just not “feeling it,” or maybe you have a nagging injury, and there is one particular movement that exacerbates this pain. The smart thing to do would take an active recovery day- very low intensity work, a rest day, or avoid movements that cause further pain.

Can you make sense of this?

Even though yes, most of us can make sense of this- many still don't do it. Just like many have horrible habits and do nothing about it. It's because most people are LAZY!! They rather live with pain and suffering Rather than do something about it!!

#2 Quality Over Quantity

This applies always in the works of fitness and performance training.

Social media is filled with people who have no idea what they are doing, most taking PED's and destroying their bodies.

Yes, I'm very sore often. I work hard on my body and get slammed around for a living, but I take care of myself so I can function when I'm 80.

Working hard does NOT ALWAYS equal better results.

Do not be persuaded into thinking that this is a prudent approach. There are many studies that prove that exercising more does not lead to better results. Investing in high-quality work that balances intensity and volume is a better option.

#3 Decrease Training Volume / Frequency

If you’re under-recovered, you’ll set yourself up to gain adipose tissue (fat), as this is your body’s natural response when stress levels are too high. Not something we want to happen.

Again, this is our body doing what it needs to do to stay alive, no matter what you tell it, Because you are mistreating it.

#4 Separate High Intensity Workouts

High-intensity training works, we know that, but too much of anything is a bad thing. Trainees often make the mistake of going balls-to-the-wall in EVERY session.

Something I've always done, with myself and clients, is separate high intensity high frequency training. 48-72 Hours apart, this makes sure overtraining does not set in, which causes a whole plethora of issues.

Things like max effort lifts, maximal output conditioning work, globally demanding movement patterns with appreciable loading or high cycle rates cannot be done every day. These types of sessions should only take place every 48-72 hours, (If training different muscle group than the previous max effort day) which means you’ll likely have two high-demand sessions a week.

Im going to continue this write up in the next one, I want to keep these ideas short enough for understanding. Once you have these ideas, check out my next article and we will go from there.

Hope this finds you well.

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