Get Yourself Uncomfortable.

Yes, that’s how you grow.
Nobody grows in comfort zones.
Not in athletics, the gym, business, or life.

Your comfortability is destroying you in the long term game of life.

That’s what life is, a game.
And in a game, you never stay at the same level if you want to beat the game.
You advance.
You move forward.
You go to harder levels to succeed.
Because that’s how you win.

But because we live in a society where everything is instant...
You expect to have everything NOW.

Because of this, most people only make decisions based on what is most enjoyable RIGHT NOW

Which prevents you from taking action, and practicing the discipline needed to get the things you want later.

Don’t willingly spend time and energy
on things that are going to kill your potential.

Get uncomfortable NOW.
Be disciplined NOW.
Take action NOW.

Years down the road, when you've actually built something through your cumulative effort...
You can live as comfortably as you want.

Hope this finds you well.